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About Us

Agarwood oil, also known as “Oud Oil” in Arabic, is one of the world’s most highly valued and demanded essential oil. With a powerful, unique and distinctive aroma, it is known in many regions of the world as one of the rarest of fragrances, with a vast array of natural properties.


Everything at D.D. Oud Oil starts with us selecting the finest species of Agarwood trees, hand – in –hand with careful planting and cultivation.  Simultaneously, we have continually strived to develop our process to meet international standards of practice.  With a solid foundation built over decades of experience, D.D. Oud Oil has become one of the country’s leading producers; taking control form plantation to finished product, and supplying the world with Oud Oil and Agarwood related products.

We begin by carefully selecting the tree species, most suited to the growing conditions in our location.  Most of our species used are heirloom species known locally as “Cambodia wood” (as they originate from the jungles along the Thai-Cambodian border).  D.D. Oud Oil plantations are run organically, built and designed to create and control an environment as close to the natural ecosystem as possible.

When Agarwood trees mature, we begin the extraction process in our processing plant.  This all happens without any artificial coloring, aromas, or other additives of any kind.  We use our own unique distillation process to ensure that the final product meets D.D. Oud Oil characteristics; thick and viscous texture, but with residue-free clarity.

“Most importantly, the aroma of our oils is the utmost quality, both in fragrance and Iongevity.”

Another popular product of ours is the raw wood from the Agarwood tree, known as ‘woodchips’.  These valuable pieces of wood are extracted directly from the Agarwood tree, full with oil and incredible dark in color.  The darker the color, the more demanded; especially our highest grade known as “gharki”; with the highest concentration of oil, the density of the piece sinks in water due to the high volume of oil within.  D.D. Oud Oil is extremely proud of this product, and is able to over samples of our different varieties for you to sample.

D.D. Oud Oil continues to grow and expand on the product range offered to clients.  In addition to Oud Oil and woodchips, we offer incense, perfume concentrates, accessories and equipment used with essential oils.  Customers are invited to view our entire range of products online, or come to try our products in person at our store 8/7 Soi Sukhumvit 3/1 (Soi Nana area), in the heart of Bangkok.

For further information, or to set an appointment to visit us at a time convenient to you, please contact us by telephone at +66 80686 998 (Pui) or +66 85496 441 (Meaw).



An exceptional D.D. perfume oils. Very high quality ,Thick and long lasting,
I have been looking for a perfume oil/attar for some quite time,
This is the best, Thank you so much for providing this amazing products.”

Business Owner, Oman

Visit Our Plantation

D.D. Oud Oil is one of the leading brands; not only producing and processing international standard Oud Oils, but also planting and cultivating our own Agarwood trees read more

Visit Our Store in Bangkok

Our store displays in Bangkok at Soi Nana, where customers are able to physically experience our products and culture. read more


Our Steam distillation process

D.D. Oud Oil continually strives to improve every step of our production chain. It’s our guarantee to our customers that we will provide them with only the highest quality agarwood oil. read more


Dum Phutthakaesorn

Founder & President

Over 35 years of experiences and has been involved with the agarwood industry. Owner of a 400 acre plantation with over 100,000 agarwood trees.

Pitchapak Rachasomboon

vice president

Perfume expert, Product Development, Innovation & Fragrance

Nuttatayavee Rachasomboon

Vice President

President of Brand Development & Merchandising